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Thursday, April 26, 2018

The Right Mindset in Soccer

After all your training is complete, your mindset is everything when it comes to performing consistently in soccer.

Your mindset is the difference between winning and losing.

Your mindset separates average play and next level-performance.

The biggest area affected by your mindset is the way you respond to adversity.

An avoidance mindset focuses on avoiding problems rather than focusing on solutions.

When your mind is focused on problems, more problems ensue such as:

--Intense negative emotions
--Lower confidence
--Loss of focus
--Uncharacteristic mistakes

A negative mindset can be summed up by the statement, "Whatever happened to me?"

A positive mindset can be summed up by the phrase, "Whatever it takes!"

A positive mindset focuses on solutions, therefore, your confidence stays intact and you maintain an even keel emotionally.

A positive mindset centers around, "What can I do?" Rather than, "What can’t I do?" or, "What haven’t I done?"

Every moment is big in the a game. Moments can change games, moments can create a run. So I think that’s on all our minds. If there’s a loose ball, dive on the floor. If you can take a charge, do that. Whatever it takes.

The "whatever it takes" mindset helps the team fight through a highly contested match up against the stronger opponents.

Which type of athlete are you?

Are you the type of athlete who is dragged down by thoughts such as, "What has happened to me?"

Or the athlete who has the mindset, "What can I make happen?"

The reality is that your mi
ndset is a choice.

If you want to have a "whatever it takes" mentality, then you need to consciously make the choice to foster those types of positive thoughts.

You need to let go of what has happened and, instead, make things happen.  

A positive mindset will not happen automatically.

You need to choose the mindset that enables you to perform at your peak, then, act accordingly.

How to Develop a Positive "Whatever it Takes" Mindset:

Choose a motto for yourself that will highlight a positive mindset...

How do you want to compete under the big lights? How do you want to play when your game is off? How do you want to play against tough competition?

Consider this motto as your personal slogan similar to Nike’s, "Just do it”.

Frequently recite your personal slogan to yourself to keep you focused on what you want to make happen.

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